Clinton supporters vrs. Obama supporters...Why can't we just fight fair?

It's no secret that feminists are on both sides of the fence in the Democratic primary.

Despite the media stereotype of a vast leftwing feminist conspiracy made up of goose-stepping fembots, the actual women's equality movement is very diverse. Being the independent-minded people that we are, feminists tend to resist being forced to toe a party line.

However the rivalry between Obama feminists and Clinton feminists has challenged that idea. Some of our earnest sisters-in-struggle are demanding not simply that we vote for their favorite candidate, but that we pass their loyalty test. The penalty is the explusion from the their sisterhood.

Now why does this remind me of junior high? Or even kindergarten for that matter?

The feminist blogosphere has been filled with postings about this split. Some attribute it to race. Some say it's generational. Some even say (perish the thought) that there are very real issues that need to be discussed with passion and intellect, rather than vitrol and group-think.

Whatever happens during this election cycle, something tells me the issues that divide us are not going away anytime soon. Below are some links to articles I think are useful in this debate. Feel free to comment and add your favorites.

  • Goodbye to All That (#2) by Robin Morgan
  • Lest We Forget: An open letter to my sisters who are brave. by Alice Walker
  • Women are Never Front-Runners by Gloria Steinem
  • Yo Mamma by Linda Hirshman
  • Thinking Outside of the Ballot Box by Aurora Levins Morales
  • Obama and race: our country is so confused by Pam Spaulding
  • Careful, Obama. Humorless Feminists Are Watching by Debra Dickerson
  • The Obama Feminists: Why Young Women Are Supporting Obama by Ariel Garfinkel
  • A Vote of Allegiance?: In the Obama-Clinton Battle, Race & Gender Pose Two Great Divides for Black Women by DeNeen L. Brown
  • Feminists for Clinton by Ellen Carol DuBois, Christine Stansell and others.
  • Hillary Clinton: I really wish she was on our side by Bob Simpson
  • Why I'm Endorsing Barack Obama by Kate Michaelman
  • No Crystal Ball-- Still, We Wonder by Erica C. Barnett
  • Hillary's Scarlett O'Hara Act by Melissa Harris-Lacewell