CWLU Herstory Sarah's Inn to offer domestic violence training.

Sarah's Inn is an oasis for women and their families who are suffering through domestic violence. Located in Oak Park and the Austin neighborhood in Chicago, Sarah's Inn offers services to many near west communities.

According to their website:

"Sarah’s Inn defines domestic violence as an assault and/or coercive behavior used by one individual to establish and maintain power and control over another person. This behavior includes physical, psychological, verbal, sexual or economic abuse. Victims and perpetrators represent every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic group, age and lifestyle. "

Twice a year Sarah's Inn offers intensive 40 hour training training workshops. Graduates of the program are certified as Illinois domestic violence advocates. The next round of training begins in September with application deadlines due August 29. For more information e-mail or go here to download the registration packet.