Doin’ It: Sex, Disability and Videotape


Sex and disability are two subjects many people are uncomfortable talking about honestly. The Empowered Fe Fes from Chicago's Access Living , a young women's action group, is out to change that. Together with the Chicago Foundation for Women and Beyondmedia , they produced an award-winning documentary called “Doin’ It: Sex, Disability and Videotape.” The founder of the Empowered Fe Fes, Susan Nussbaum (shown in photo foreground), is a former member of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union.

In the video, the Fe Fes educate themselves about sex from many angles by talking with activists and scholars. The viewer tags along on a date between a woman with a disability and her able-bodied boyfriend, exploring relationship issues of dating with a disability over a candle-lit dinner.

You can see a trailer of "Doin' It"  here or purchase a copy here .