Feministing.com starts a Feministing Alliance

Feministing.com is a bold brash feminist blog site where many women and some men start their day by reading the articles and opinion pieces and then posting their comments.

The youngish organizers of Feministing represent a generation of women who are fighting the complex 21st century battle for gender equality. They are web-savvy, very smart and refreshingly outspoken.

Now they are trying to create network of likeminded groups through an online initiative called the Feministing Alliance.

According to Feministing.com:

Feministing has partnered with Meetup to form a Meetup Alliance - a tool that will help feminists all over the country meet and organize in person. Here's the cool part: it's all up to you, dear readers, to get this shit moving!

If you want to start up a feminist group in your area, or if you want to promote your existing local feminist group, this is your chance! Our new Feministing Meetup Alliance will act as a kind of umbrella for organizers of local feminist Meetups - connecting feminists who want to meet, talk and even organize.

All you need to do to get involved is start a local Meetup group and join the alliance - Feministing readers can just search by their location and find the group nearest them. Too cool, right? Well, it gets even better. If you don't want to pay the $19 monthly fee to start a group with Meetup, you can also join the Feministing Alliance through your Google, MySpace, Facebook or Yahoo group.

If you would to start a group in your area or join an existing one, log on to www.meetupalliance.com/feministing and sign up. According to their Google Map of March 6, there are already 31 local groups in North America and the UK.

For more details visit this page on Feministing.com. You can also post comments and questions there.

From blogging to talking...and then from there? Well we all know what organized and determined women can accomplish when they decide to get things done.