Former CWLU member Trudy Pax is critically ill

UPDATE FRIDAY, February 8, 2008 : A very, very quiet day. Trudy isn't speaking much anymore and ice chip consumption has lessened.

We have sad news about Trudy Pax, one of our CWLU sisters. We received this information from Caring Bridge, which connects critically ill people to their friends, family, and associates around the world.

Several months ago, Trudy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Almost immediately, Trudy made plans to go to Europe to visit some close friends. Upon her return, she started chemotherapy. Although there is no 'cure' for pancreatic cancer, chemo treatments can help shrink the tumor, which can reduce pain, increase appetite, etc.

Please visit Trudy's own Caring Bridge webpage . You can read her journal, browse photos and leave guestbook tributes.

Trudy has a verse that she likes read to her before she goes to sleep at night.


May Peace flow through your soul
May the Harmony of the Eternal
Fill you at all times.
Pure be your deeds and all your thoughts.
May your heart open itself to the pure great love,
Which alone is the source of all being.
Blessed by the Night
For it leads to the Light.
Blessed by everything which leads to the Truth.
Blessed by your will to be good
That the veils soon may be removed
That you may be freed from all fetters of deceiving illusions.
That you may return home whence you came
As blessed Spirit into the House of your Father.