More on the Proposition 8 Disaster

As most of you probably know, Proposition 8 passed in California. This referendum vote outlaws same-sex marriages and endangers the thousands of California same-sex marriages that had been made legal by a 2008 court decision. There have already been protests against the results and 3 lawsuits have been filed to overturn the decision.

Keith Olbermann had a powerful Countdown Commentary about Proposition 8on November 10.  See it on YouTube here . 

Because voters of color did not overwhelmingly reject Proposition 8, some commentators have placed the heaviest blame on them for its passage. This is despite the fact that it was the largely white Mormon church and its Christian Right allies who provided most of the political muscle and money in the campaign.

The Angry Black Woman has a powerful analysis of this whole controversy. You owe it to yourself to read what she has to say here.