The Persistent Power of Socialist Feminism

Radical Women is celebrating is 41st anniversary by holding a conference in San Francisco on the theme of socialist feminism. The Radical Women conference is an opportunity to grapple with ideas, examine the limitations of reformism, gain the confidence to challenge the system, and build the ranks of socialist feminists.

Key topics

  • Multi-racial organizing in a society divided by racism
  • The dynamic leadership of youth and queers
  • Women of color and immigrant women spark a labor revival
  • For a grassroots feminist movement independentof the twin parties of war & reaction

If you are interested in attending or helping with this exciting and historic event, contact the Conference Organizing Center at , 206-722-6057 or 722-2453. All genders are welcome.

For more information, to register or donate, go to

The conference will be held at:
The Women’s Building
3543 18th Street, San Francisco CA 94110