Academic Links

Academic Links

Center for Research on Women and Gender - Located in the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Center is especially noted for its work in women's health. The Center sponsors the CWLU Herstory Project. 

National Womens Studies Association - The professional organization for women's studies people.

Women's Studies Programs Worldwide - A extensive list of women's studies programs maintained by Joan Korenman at the University of Maryland.

Women's Studies Programs and Campus Women's Centers in the US - A listing maintained by musician Gerri Gribi.

Graduate Programs in Women's Studies - A comprehensive international list of programs created and updated by Smith College.

WAVE - Women's Audiovisuals in English(WAVE) is a guide to nonprint resources on women compiled by the University of Wisconsin. - Jo Freeman is a feminist scholar whose site contains a large number of her articles on women's history, activism and politics. Highly recommended.

The Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections - One of the Northwestern University libraries, it has a collection of Graphics Collective posters as well as paper documents from various CWLU health projects.

The Lesbian Herstory Archives - A very thorough description of this NY based research center. Although not an on-line archive, they have an extensive collection of documents, periodicals, books, photos, AV materials and oral histories.

The Chicago Historical Society - The CHS has the largest collection of CWLU paper documents available. If you are doing primary research on the CWLU, this is the place to go.

International Information Center and Archives for the Women's Movement in the Netherlands - An impressive database and resource center with a collection of books and documents dating back to 1578. Has an international section as well. The site is in Dutch and English.

Schlesinger Library - One of the finest libraries in the United States for doing research on women, it is a part of the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University. The papers of Naomi Weisstein, a CWLU founder, are in the Schlesinger Library.

Chicago Public Library Women's History Resources - An extensive set of resources including links, short bios of prominent Chicago women, a guide to historical sites, a good section on the Suffrage Movement and bibilographies.

Research Information Network for Women and Girls in Illinois - A treasury of links leading to research tools and resources about women and girls in Illinois.

Women's Health Resource - Information on sexual health, fertility, birth, policy and more.