Vivian Rothstein and the Civil Rights Movement

CWLU founding member Vivian Rothstein talks about her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement in this short clip from the PBS documentary Young Blood .

an interview with Vivian Rothstein from
Young Blood
a video produced by PBS(2.8 megabytes)


Vivian Rothstein was a founder of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. In this short clip from the PBS documentary Young Blood, she talks about her early involvement with the Civil Rights Movement and how it shaped her life. Many of the pioneers of women's liberation had experience in the Civil Rights Movement. 

Young Blood is from the Baby Boom Collection of the People's Century series and focuses on the 1960's. The "Baby Boom" collection focuses on the period of world history after 1945. The entire "People's Century" covers most of the 20th century. We give this series a high recommendation. You may purchase the entire series, individual collections or single videos from PBS here .