CAF Celebrates 25 years, Jane Celebrates 40

The anniversary celebration will take place Thursday, September 23 downtown Chicago. It will not only celebrate the work CAF has done over the past 25 years, but also the work of “Jane”. Activists, friends and family members of those involved with the “Jane Collective” came together 25 years ago to start the Chicago Abortion Fund. They will be honoring Heather Booth and the Abortion Seven at this event.

Judith Arcana, a former "Jane" member, will be flying in from Portland to do a presentation about "Jane" at the anniversary celebration. Throughout the years Judith has continued to speak out for social change. She has published numerous stories, poems and books with the same feminist themes she was passionate about as a member of Jane in the early 70s.

So come out to support Judith and the Chicago Abortion Fund on September 23rd! Tickets can be purchased on CAF's Website.