Holly Kent is researching feminist bloggers: she needs your help

I'm currently working on a project on feminist pop culture blogging in the United States, and am very interested in both recommendations for scholarship on the subject, and in interviewing bloggers themselves about their work.  (In my project, my definition of "feminist pop culture blogger" is quite open and expansive, with "pop culture" encompassing film, TV, celebrity culture, music, etc., and "feminist" encompassing bloggers who offer critiques of representations of gender in United
States, whether or not they directly claim the label.) 

For this project, I've developed a questionnaire, asking bloggers about what motivated them to create their blogs, how gender has shaped their experiences as bloggers, and what role they feel that their creative work and cultural criticism plays within mainstream American culture.

Any suggestions or thoughts are very much welcome—and if you’re a blogger who might be interested in learning more from me, or in filling out the questionnaire, please feel free to contact me directly at kent@tcnj.edu.

Thank you!

Holly M. Kent, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Women's and Gender Studies Department, The College of
New Jersey
Chief co-editor, /thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory and culture/