Judith Arcana will be editing a new issue of Persimmon Tree

Here's some good news about Persimmon Tree, the online magazine that publishes writing by women over 60: They're going to start having open poetry calls twice yearly, and will be calling for work by region; each of these two annual issues will publish ten poems chosen by a Guest Editor for poetry.

Judith Arcana will be their first Guest Editor for poetry. She'll be editing the issue for the Northeastern region of the USA (defined as all the New England states + New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania).

The magazine will continue the practice of publishing poetry portfolios by invitation (now twice yearly); those will be edited by Chana Bloch.

NOTE that the email address, dates and guidelines for poetry manuscripts are different from the magazine's general address and guidelines. Poetry manuscripts must use the following guidelines to be considered:

Previously unpublished poems by women over sixty who live in the Northeast region of the USA [New England + New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania] may be sent between May 1st and June 15th to ptpoja@earthlink.net. Poems that come in before May 1st or after June 15th will not be read.

Send 1-3 poems by email in one/single WORD attachment. No poem may be longer than one page; use 12 point type.

In the subject line of the email message, type POETRY FOR PT. In the body of the message, type your name, phone number and postal mailing address.

Poets whose work is selected for publication will be asked to send short bios and photos, and will need to be available for proofreading their poems (by email) in August 2008.

People of all ages and genders have been enjoying poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art and short book reviews in Persimmon Tree online ..... the winter issue is still up, the next one is March 15th, and all previous issues are available in the Archives with printable pdfs. Don't be deterred by having to register - once you set it up, you'll just sign in (and it's free). It's at www.persimmontree.org