CWLU Chapters

Campus Chapters

Campuses were an important part of the CWLU's organizing. Campus chapters included Circle (now U of I at Chicago), Loyola, Northwestern, Roosevelt, Loop (now Harold Washington), Central YMCA (now defunct), Rosary (now Dominican University) and others.

Consciousness Raising Groups

The CWLU had several chapters that functioned as consciousness raising groups (commonly called CR Groups). These groups discussed peoples' personal lives and helped empower members to make difficult personal and political choices.

Local Chapters

Some CWLU members belonged to local chapters which functioned as semi-autonomous groups within the CWLU. Some examples were the Hyde Park Chapter, the Friday Night Chapter, Brazen Hussies and Mrs. O'Leary. Some of these were primarily conscious raising groups. Others planned political strategy. Some combined both.

Twenty-one chapters have been identified so far:

Year Formed    Chapter
1969    Northwestern Women's Group
1970    Hyde Park Chapter
1970    Hyde Park Tuesday Night Rap Group
1970    Lakeview Chapter
1970    Married Women's Rap Group
1970    Midwives
1970    Northside Study Group
1970    Rogers Park Group
1970    Rogers Park Women's Liberation
1970    Roosevelt University Chapter
1970    Southwest Side Group
1970    Southwest Side Married Women's Group
1970    University of Chicago NUC Caucus
1970    West Suburban Rap Group
1971    U of I Circle Campus Chapter
1973    Brazen Hussies
1973    Ms. O'Leary
1974    Emma Peel
1975    Circle Women's Liberation
1976    Asian Women's Group
1976    Rosa Parks Chapter