jane song

The Jane Song

(Lyrics only) a song commemorating the Abortion Counseling Service Editor's Note: After the dissolution of Jane, Elizabeth Roberts wrote this song to commemorate the Abortion Counseling Service. It was set to the tune of "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore", an anti-war song by John Prine.)

I woke up one bright morning.
about the middle of May.
I had some kids and a good old man,
Things were going my way.

But I looked at my calendar and there I read my fate.
Five pounds here and a bigger brassiere
I was about seven weeks late!


643-3844 is a number you'll adore
The women in the service know what you’re calling for.
They’ll give you an abortion
No matter what the reason for. (Alt. maybe three or four)
And 643-3844 is a number you‘ll adore.

I siddled up to my best chum
I tried to tell her why -
I was getting fat and my breakfast
And then I started to cry

Don’t you worry, don’t you fret”,
She said to me so plain.
“I’ll give you a telephone number
And you can tell it all to Jane”.


I called this lady on the phone.
She sounded really great.
She asked my name and telephone and then my l.p. date.
“A counsellor will call you, Just put your mind at rest. We’d like $100.
But we’ll take you best(quietly).”


It’s another bright May morning
My problem’s all resolved.
But my heart is heavy laden
“Cause I hear Jane’s been dissolved."

No more o.o.t.s, 6 p.k.s 3 k.s, a.b.s, or miss.
Cause when you dial the number
The message sounds like this- - -


643-3844 can’t help you any more
We’re already out of business
From your dirty legal war.
We gave you an abortion no matter at the reason for.
But 643-384 can’t help you any more.