Rock Band

The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band

In the Realm of Utopian Desire: The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band pioneered in challenging everything about male rock and roll. Using comedy, satire, and a diversity of song styles, it overturned the grim macho of a standard rock performance. Audiences danced and shouted and sang along with it, and when the performance was over, still shouting, the audience stormed the stage, hugging the band members and their instruments and sometimes even the amplifiers.

But the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band went further than just confronting pig rock. Every time it played, the band summoned up the ecstasy of a utopian vision of a world without hierarchy and domination. Audience and performer, gay and straight, two-year-olds and eighty-two-year-olds, black teenage girls and Latino transvestites: for a moment in history as brief as a shiver, we were, all of us, transformed and astonished.- Naomi Weisstein, former Rock Band member

The Rock Band album is now available in a newly remastered version from Rounder Records.

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