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WOMANKIND - a detailed description of the program

WOMANKIND: The Outreach Newspaper of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union By Christine R. Riddiough and Margaret Schmid The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union was formed in 1969 and played a leading role in the women’s liberation movement in Chicago during much of the 1970s. Throughout its history the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union advanced a sweeping vision of a new era for women. Not limited to issues of legal equality, the CWLU envisioned a society free of sexism in education, the family, the media, employment, health care, and all areas of social life. CWLU organizing was done with a clear focus on this overarching vision and also with emphasis on continual outreach. WOMANKIND, an early CWLU project, was started in order to communicate the CWLU vision to women who were not already involved in women’s liberation.