Activities and Structure

A list of the CWLU's workgroups, chapters and projects reads like a Yellow Pages for the women's movement of the time. You could learn to fix your car, play on a sports team, join a protest at City Hall for decent childcare, volunteer at Dwight Prison, organize a women's caucus of your local union, draw a feminist poster, or even go to communist China.

The CWLU did have a formal structure with a steering committee and periodic membership meetings to set general policy, but the real work of the CWLU took place in small groups. Over 90 work groups, projects, and chapters were affiliated with the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union over the course of its existence. Some of these groups are described briefly, followed by a list of additional groups. Some of them are also included in the program descriptions and teaching modules.

CWLU Chapters
CWLU Workgroups
CWLU Projects